Welcome to rudemental. A small, weirdly formed art & design project setup by an unusual software developer (Chris) who enjoys making things look attractive, or at the very least, “erm, interesting”.

Some of our things are designed by a human and some things are designed by AI. Some things are intentional, the best ones are probably accidents.

All our items are printed or made to order, some of our clothing and soft furnishings are handmade by experienced craftspeople to a very high standard.

We try to make sure every item that is produced for delivery in the United Kingdom is made here, in the UK. Raw materials may, however, be sourced from other countries.

For items ordered elsewhere, we have a network of printers around the world that we can call upon. Everything is as locally produced as reasonably can be, whilst maintaining quality standards.

A lot of our items can be personalised or even designed entirely from scratch by the customer. I think this could be the future of shops. No need for warehouses full of pre-made stock, everything is on-demand and just-in-time. Everybody and nobody is a fashion designer. It’s all equal and equality is good.

There will be no reasonable structure or order towards the products that are available here. Generally they will be curios that appeal at the time. For someone that has worked in very structured environments for over 20 years, I look forward to embracing the chaos that rudemental allows.

You can, and probably should, consider rudemental to be art by a non-artist. Or a friendly robot.

I hope you find something interesting to look at. If not, try designing it yourself!

Ta ta for now


PS. feel free to get in touch.